It’s not all about the expertise

It’s not all about the expertise

Often, when we start to speak to a client about their industry and writing content for their websites, they are understandably concerned that they and they alone know enough about their industry to be able to write articles on the subject.

The problem with this theory is that many clients say they want to do it themselves but they don’t have the time, the inclination or the writing expertise to write regularly and in an SEO-friendly manner, so the idea gradually gets dropped, which can be a big mistake.

It isn’t necessary to be an expert in the area to be able to write knowledgeably about it.  We have hundreds of writers available, all with their own area of knowledge so usually we can find a suitable writer anyway but otherwise it really isn’t necessary to be an expert.  Sure, sometimes it’s a good idea to run the articles past the client, especially in the beginning, but there are always areas where little knowledge is required.

For instance, there is always news in the media related to the area, television programmes or celebrities that can be covered and there are always fringe subjects to write about too.  In fact, making the area as broad as possible means the website will pick up searches and traffic from anything at all related to the topic, and therefore helping the website to become a complete authority in its subject, which is what Google wants to see.

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