Is your website cordon bleu?

Posted on October 22, 2010


spamSpam. Not the Internet kind, but the actual, processed, meat-in-a-tin kind. It’s fairly disgusting in my opinion. Spam and its processed, pre-packaged brethren aren’t exactly the most appetising entities on the face of the planet, but thousands of people consume such meals on a regular basis. They ‘spam up’ as the ads would have us say.

Processed, tinned and packaged foods are regularly consumed because they’re easy. Instead of having to gather all the ingredients yourself and spend precious time conjuring a meal, all you do is pop the tin open, pour its contents into a bowl, and zap it in the microwave. People consume processed foods because it’s far easier than haute cuisine, no matter how much tastier the latter may be.

Much the same can be said for a website. Site owners, feeling the pressure to post content to help their SEO, throw just about anything onto their pages. Even when quality is a major consideration, the need for constant publishing can mean that the time and care needed is not taken. The result is a site that is acceptable, but closer to a tin of soup than a fine gazpacho. The former isn’t really something you want to offer up to your site’s users either.

Websites don’t have to resemble the latest thing in fashionable gastronomy to be a success. All that is required for search engine optimisation is good content, not Pulitzer prizes. A simple plate of bangers and mash can be just as impressive when served up to guests, and a simple site with quality content can be impressive in the search pages. Just avoid the Spam aisle.

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