Is your site’s navigation Neolithic?

Is your site’s navigation Neolithic?

Part of good SEO should involve restructuring of a website. Search engine optimisation experts restructure sites all the time. This is because site owners have a tendency to simply tumble their pages together. The outcome is much like the difference between a precisely designed monument and a huge, random jumble of rocks.

Take the Pyramids, for example. These ancient structures were carefully planned, their design executed so cleverly to fulfil their purpose. Their structure is clear.

Compare this to a big heap of randomly piled rocks in the middle of Ellesmere Port’s main high street. A huge pile of rocks, tumbled together without design, may be beautiful in its own way but fails to convey anything of meaning. Put it next to the Pyramids andit shows it up as what it is… a bunch of rocks.

This is the difference between a well-structured and an unstructured site. A navigation clean-up can turn your site’s structure into something smooth and functional, even when it began its life as something behemoth-like and awkward.

Navigation should be looked at in the very early stages of SEO, so it’s important to talk about your site’s navigation with your search engine optimisation company. The bonus of making your web design and navigation one of your SEO jobs is, much like other SEO work, it makes things easier for the search engines as well. A clearer web design increases your chances of being indexed properly.

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