Is your site a trophy site?

Is your site a trophy site?

A trophy site is a sad thing. Given the potential of the Internet, to design a site simply to sit there and look pretty should be a crime. Considering the lack of success such websites have with search engine optimisation, it’s possible that this particular crime comes with its own form of punishment anyway – the punishment of isolation and abandonment.

Trophy wife‘ is a fairly disgusting term, one which does neither the subject, the subject’s husband nor the describer any favours. It does, however, conjure up a definite cultural image. When someone says the phrase ‘trophy wife’, we can all immediately picture someone who has been chosen more for their looks than for any other personal quality. Sadly enough, there are plenty of websites that fit into this category, and they do their owners no more favours than the original term.

Why is it harmful to have a site that only looks pretty? It can harm you in several ways. The first, of course, has to do with search engine optimisation. One of the major SEO jobs is to make a site useful, but this is difficult with a site that’s been built just for its looks. Trophy sites also put users off because they are slow, difficult to navigate and often utterly useless.

Like their real-life counterparts, trophy websites don’t have to stay in the ‘pretty, but not useful‘ category. A website, just like a wife, is full of potential to surprise. All most trophy sites need is a little encouragement and they can turn into an absolute powerhouse. Ask your SEO company for advice.

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