Is your server hurting your rankings?

Is your server hurting your rankings?

Search engine optimisation doesn’t just involve the SEO jobs directly attached to your website. Sometimes, the most pedestrian aspects of running a website can contribute to a rankings dive. The hardware on which your site is hosted is one of these aspects.

Choosing a server is an optimisation issue. Your server can prevent internet users from accessing your site, can undermine your reputation, and can directly affect your relationship with Google. Here are some of the issues:

1. Security. A shared server can be a security risk, which in turn can cause issues for your SEO. If a site on your shared server is hacked or contains spam, it can undermine your relationship with your own site users and with the search engines. It can also affect your reputation if your site’s address is linked to a spammy site.

2. Connections. A server issue that many site owners overlook is the possibility of dropped connections. There are only so many connections possible on a single server. This can affect how Google accesses and indexes your site.

3. Real-world hosts. A server in Edinburgh is all well and good, but if you operate from Liverpool it’s going to be difficult to check on the site’s security and emergency plan. A blackout or flood could put you out of business for days at a time.

Shared web hosting can be the only affordable option for a new site. If you’re using your site for business, however, it’s worth considering exactly what your server is contributing, both good and bad.

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