Is your SEO campaign Oscar worthy?

Is your SEO campaign Oscar worthy?

Many people think that the hallmark of a good actor is their ability to immerse themselves in their role to the point that your forget that you’re watching an actor. There are some exceptions to this rule: if you’re watching a film starring Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson, regardless of how they are playing their part, you’re aware that you’re watching Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson. Their stature as actors transcends the roles they play, and they become bigger than the films themselves.

Lorenzo Lamas
Lorenzo Lamas

As much as an actor strives to immerse themselves in their role, there are some who pretty much play a similar character in many movies to the point that they achieve a degree of notoriety for being typecast. This may be for a few reasons. They may have a poor agent, a desire to only take on roles they know they will be comfortable with or they simply may be not good enough to tackle bigger roles.

There are parallels to be drawn between actors and search engine optimisation companies. Certain SEO firms will have a limited knowledge of the field, and may apply this in a way which makes their SEO appear generic. They are the SEO equivalent of Lorenzo Lamas, an actor who became a household name on 80s soap Falcon Crest. Lamas is well known for his films where he plays a cop/ex soldier/martial arts expert who has been framed/set up/left in the lurch and has to get revenge/payback.

You pretty much know what to expect from a Lorenzo Lamas picture without having to watch it.

However, a reputable SEO company is more like Brit actor Michael Sheen. If you’re thinking ‘who?’ – the chances are you have seen him, you just haven’t realised that it’s him – such is his acting range. He is renowned for his ability to completely immerse himself in a role, and his believable performances of Tony Blair, Brian Clough, David Frost and Kenneth Williams have earned him a deserved reputation as a chameleon-like actor. A search engine optimisation company should always tailor their performance to your requirements, and no two SEO campaigns should be the same. This is worth bearing in mind when issuing the casting call for an SEO expert for your own campaign.

If Lorenzo Lamas walks through your door, don’t bother asking him to read for the part.

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