Is traditional spelling and grammar being replaced by a ‘dangling modifier’?

Is traditional spelling and grammar being replaced by a ‘dangling modifier’?

As social websites such as Twitter and Facebook become increasingly popular, the use of traditional English grammar and correct spellings appears to be dwindling. Opinion has it that the correct use of the English language is being replaced by ‘dangling modifiers’, which are phrases or words which give a totally different understanding to a sentence as words are misused or left out. As the meaning becomes ambiguous, it is said to be ‘dangling’.

Many social sites require words to be abbreviated or spelt incorrectly, which can make the meaning of a sentence unclear. Text messages are frequently misunderstood, often causing offence or upset, as poor use of English grammar can send the wrong message to the recipient.

Websites which contain incorrectly spelled words are very often confusing, resulting in visitors to a website leaving without spending any time reading articles or browsing the site. Many people prefer to visit a website which is easy to navigate and understand. Information that is clear and concise, with correctly spelt words that have a clear meaning with no ambiguous tone, represents an authority in the chosen field and professionalism.

For many businesses that have little time to devote to web content or article writing, outsourcing to a professional article writing service which has a team of writers with English as their first language is the most cost effective method of generating a productive website. Articles and web copy that are grammatically correct and easy to understand will always be preferable to website visitors.

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