Is the Paris Hilton approach to SEO right for you – or Helen Mirren?

Is the Paris Hilton approach to SEO right for you – or Helen Mirren?

A lot of SEO is about technical considerations, but as the search engines become more intuitive, search engine optimisation is becoming a combination of SEO, sales work and smart PR.

How is public relations involved in SEO? To get good rankings these days, you need to be able to attract attention. Any popularity you build directly affects your position with the search engines.

When you want to gain attention on the net, you really have two options. You can cling to any sign of attention like Paris Hilton, or you can take a more refined and patient approach, much like acclaimed British actress Helen Mirren in her own career.

Approach #1: Paris Hilton

The Paris Hilton approach is one favoured by many blogs. The celebrity heiress owes much of her image to her willingness to attract attention of any kind, good or bad. Like Hilton, many blogs court controversy, uncaring of the effect so long as it involves attention. This can work, but it has certain obvious risks for your business image.

Approach #2: Helen Mirren

Diving into the seething mudpool of internet gossip to see what comes up is risky. Instead, you can take the Helen Mirren approach. This means refining your site, working on your quality, and being patient. This approach is slower, but produces longer-lasting and sustained results. More attractive? For most sites, yes.

Besides, with this approach, you have a much better chance of one day being cast in Red as a machine-gun-wielding, butt-kicking 65-year-old… or maybe that’s just Helen Mirren.

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