Is my SEO company doing a good job?

Is my SEO company doing a good job?

When you hire the services of an SEO company you often find that you’re unsure of what they’re doing, and whether what they’re doing is having any impact on your website. Usually you’ll receive ranking reports from an SEO company, showing where your website was ranking for certain keywords before they started, and where it is ranking now – but it’s not always clear whether this represents good progress, whether the SEO company is doing good work or whether you should be ranking a lot better.

Of course, most SEO companies tie you into a contract for their search engine optimisation services, so switching to another company mid contract isn’t always possible. However, there is something you can do to check up on your SEO company and to see for yourself if what they have done to your website is good for you, or good for them. An SEO blueprint report will go through your website to see where it currently stands from an SEO point of view. This will highlight any areas that need improving, or any that might have been overlooked altogether. This way you can see for certain whether your SEO company is earning the money you’re paying them, or whether you’d be better off switching SEO services.

When you run an online business, it doesn’t pay to leave things to chance. A poor SEO company, or one that uses unethical techniques, could have dire consequences for your website’s search engine rankings, and your entire business.

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