Is Google Web Stories the new AMP?

Is Google Web Stories the new AMP?

There is suggestion in some quarters that Google Web Stories platform is a replacement for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which has been used to help improve user experience on mobile devices since 2015.

What is AMP?

AMP is a framework that was created by Google in 2015 to help websites to improve their user experience and performance on mobile devices. AMP is still used on websites today, but as of April 2021 Google has stopped displaying whether a website is AMP in its mobile search results.

Some people have been asking Google if the Web Stories format has been created to replace AMP on websites. After all, when Web Stories was first introduced back in 2018, it was originally called ‘AMP Stories’.

A Twitter user recently tweeted Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller to ask him this exact question.

Mueller replied and said that Web Stories is built using AMP as its foundation. However, there are differences between AMP and Web Stories, even though the features use the same framework.

What is the difference between AMP and Web Stories?

Web Stories are different to AMP as they are not paired with an equivalent page on your website; they are standalone, even though they are built on the AMP framework.

Instead of being paired with the content on your website, Web Stories can be accessed and linked to from your content on your website, and they don’t have a special link to be able to access them. AMP pages, on the other hand, normally have /amp or something equivalent after the URL of the page the AMP page is linked with.

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