Is Facebook useful for businesses?

Is Facebook useful for businesses?

Facebook is often mentioned in relation to link building for search engine optimisation, but site owners don’t have to be heavily involved in SEO careers to know that social media sites can provide more than links. So is Facebook useful for businesses? If so, how can you make use of it for your site?

The answer is that Facebook can serve multiple purposes for your website. The usefulness to an SEO campaign goes well beyond links. Facebook is also useful from an internet marketing angle.

1. Pure SEO. Like many social media sites, Facebook attracts serious traffic. This traffic is a valuable asset to your site if you can divert it to your pages. Doing so involves much the same principles as your work with the search engines – in other words, good quality content and clever hooks that will get your followers clicking on your link. This extra traffic can have a run-on effect when Google notices your popularity.

2. The marketing angle. One of the keys to success on Facebook is to look at the site as an independently valuable market access point. This means assessing the behaviours on the site and reacting to them. A popular profile on Facebook can be a foundation of strength for other online efforts.

Facebook was once the Chester to Google’s London, but not any more. Facebook can be incredibly useful for your whole online campaign. Smart site owners are treating the social media site as an entity of its own, and you should too.

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