Is Facebook threatened by Apple’s new announcements?

Is Facebook threatened by Apple’s new announcements?

On Monday, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where the company showcased its new releases and updates set out for July 2021. Announcements included the latest software update, iOS 15, along with new features for its iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, as well as a brand new product release.

Exciting announcements included updates to Apple’s existing products; the iPhone camera will soon be capable of reading and analysing Live Text from images, letting users search, copy or extract information from any photos containing any kind of text. Airpods’ audio and tracing features are also being updated, alongside many other features for the iPadOS and the watchOS 8.

If you want to see more announcements that were made on Monday, Apple Fellow Philip Schiller posted the WWDC Day 1 highlights on Twitter.

One of the main focus points mentioned on Monday was iOS 15 and the new features it contains, including spatial audio and voice isolation changes to FaceTime, as well as “SharePlay”, which allows users to share their screen during FaceTime calls, giving them the opportunity to stream movies and listen to music together. Furthermore, iPhone users will soon be able to connect with Windows and Android users. iOS 15 features also include iMessage updates, making it simpler to share photos, Apple News articles and web links with your contacts.

These updates have been speculated to cause some repeated tension as part of Apple and Facebook’s ongoing rivalry. The new Apple features remove the need to switch over to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to socialise and update friends, instead having all social elements on one platform. This may be especially attractive to users considering the lack of personal data needed for iOS 15 in comparison to Facebook.

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