Is content more important than SEO?

Posted on January 15, 2009


One thing people often ask is what’s more important, regularly updating my website or having SEO performed on the site?

It’s not that simple however, as that’s the same as asking should I go on a diet or should I exercise? You can exercise as much as you want, but if you continue eating rubbish and drinking heavily you won’t find your health improve much.

Having your website updated regularly is very important, and in many cases vital for the success of your website, but if you don’t have SEO performed on your site your content could be going to waste. For example, you might have errors on your website that prevent your website from being indexed, or in some cases even get your website banned.

You should look at content as a way to regularly update your site and provide worthwhile info on what your website is about, but your SEO is like opening up the door to your content and ensuring that it’s treated by Google in the way that it should be.

Is content more important than SEO? No, they’re both equally important, and if you have content without SEO you could be throwing good money after bad.

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