iOS9 to implement deep linking SEO tools

iOS9 to implement deep linking SEO tools

Apple seems to be on a constant path to improve its services, and its search API for iOS9 is no different.

At the tech giant’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), held last month in San Francisco, Apple launched the new API which will be based on deep linking technology – using a uniform resource identifier (URI) to link to a location in an app instead of just launching the app. This advancement in its operating system allows developers to link out and index their apps, enabling them to use iOS9’s native search experience to make their content more discoverable.

This is important from an internet marketing perspective, as we will not only be able to search with iPhones for apps, but also for content on the web. Advancements such as this means that the entire concept we have of SEO will have to broaden in order to encompass optimisation of deep app content. Naturally, this is a smart move for Apple, as with its focus on products, the company is set to gain from its app-based operating system.

Google made a similar announcement in May, stating that its ‘Android M’ would be supporting app deep linking. This indicates, therefore, that Google will likely make gains from this shift in terms of what we perceive as a web-based environment. This is a logic further strengthened by the fact that Google has invested heavily in programs such as ‘Google Web Designer’ which will allow the creation of web content written in HTML5 that can rival apps, bringing users back to web-based content.

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