Intentional spelling mistakes in article submissions

Intentional spelling mistakes in article submissions

Optimising for spelling mistakes and common typos is an accepted practice within SEO. There are certain words in the English language that are frequently spelt incorrectly, or the wrong example of the word is used.

For example, the word ‘stationary’ means something that is not moving, yet many people Google ‘stationary’ when looking for business cards and printing services. Asda has even used it to label one of their aisles.

In SEO, optimising a website for the word ‘stationary’ is acceptable because people will search for it and you will gain traffic and customers from it; however, what about using misspellings such as this in your article submissions?

Article submissions need to be written properly, spell checked and use the correct grammar in order for them to be accepted to the best article directory websites. By using spelling mistakes such as this in your articles, rather than being clever and optimising for typos, you’ll be flagging your articles up as featuring mistakes, and thus reducing your chances of them being accepted.

It’s OK to feature alternate and incorrect spellings on your own website, but by writing your article submissions with the same style you run the risk of them not working. You should have a different strategy for your article submissions as you do for your SEO copy, and another one for your content – as Google News also won’t tolerate constant spelling mistakes in your content!

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