Instagram users can now upload video content

Instagram users can now upload video content

Following a new update for Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo sharing app, users are now able to upload videos.

Instagram addicts can now make clips between three and fifteen seconds long with the app, and are able to apply its distinctive vintage filters.

Some see the update as a move by Facebook to rival Twitter’s increasingly popular video-sharing app, Vine.

The new video features on Instagram allow Android and iPhone users to record and put clips together to make a ‘collage’. There are currently 13 new filters for the videos, including options to make the video black and white, alter the contrast or add blur effects.

On the iPhone, users have the option of using a ‘cinema’ facility, which works towards counteracting camera shake.

Speaking about the update, Instagram’s chief executive Kevin Systrom said:

“Fifteen seconds of video [is] the right balance between not-too-short that constrains your creativity and not-too-long where you end up having to wait a lot of time for something to download.”

The maximum length of Instagram videos is more than double that of Vine’s current six second cap. Some of the other core differences include the fact that videos on Instagram don’t run in loop, and that Instagram allows users to choose a thumbnail image.

Vine is also expected to release an update soon, after its co-founders recently teased an update through a series of video clips.

In light of the increasing popularity of video content with internet marketing specialists, Facebook said that video features have always been part of the plan with Instagram.

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