Instagram switches location check-in service

Instagram switches location check-in service

Instagram is trialling a different app version to determine whether or not to switch location check-in services.

The photo app, which was purchased by Facebook in 2012 for £599m, is now testing the social networking site’s ‘Facebook Places’ service, with its app in view to replace its current location service Foursquare.

In an Instagram statement, it was pointed out that users would still be able to use the check-in services offered by Foursquare, but it insists that it is important for Facebook to enter the frame. The statement said:

“Foursquare is a great partner and people will continue to be able to share their check-ins from Instagram.

“[The app is] constantly testing experiences to provide the best possible user experience as part of future planning.”

The statement adds that some users will begin to notice that the location tool has already changed as part of testing.

As well as offering its services to Instagram, Foursquare also provide locational services to other apps including Vine, Pinterest, and Path, as well as its own app. A spokesman on behalf of the company has said:

“We’ve worked with Facebook and Instagram for a while, and they’re great partners. Like any company, they’re testing new ways to provide a good user experience, however all users can still share check-ins via Instagram.”

Since the acquisition of the popular photo app, Facebook has gradually started to become more integrated with it and, as part of its internet marketing plans, has added photo-tagging and advertising features.

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