Inspiration may involve stepping away from the computer

Inspiration may involve stepping away from the computer

Website visitors prefer interesting web pages, and that involves the content writer summoning up words that hold a reader’s attention by intriguing, surprising or informing. Every day the writer settles down to produce copy, coffee at the ready, perhaps some music (not too distracting) in the background, and types until something takes shape. Sooner or later a day arrives when the writer, having seated themselves at the keyboard, finds their mind is blank. Without worrying, they pick up their list of article writing ideas and choose one that looks promising, but an hour later findsthemself deep in thought, mulling over the best way to cook the fish for that evening’s meal, having typed only three words of the article, with the deadline looming.

At moments like this, the wise writer abandons the computer and leaves the house or office. When cooped up indoors staring at a screen, it is easy to become disconnected from the world beyond, which is the source of most inspiration. Conversations overheard in the queue at the greengrocer, an incident in the high street, or a newspaper headline displayed outside a shop, could all fire up the weary part of the writer’s brain and lead to an attention-grabbing piece of work.

Leaving the computer behind lifts writers out of a rut. On going outside, it may seem like the old rules no longer apply. A piece can be written from another angle, or an alternative style found that works better, so that a professional always comes up with stimulating content.

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