Inspiration is an SEO business concern

Inspiration is an SEO business concern

Lois-and-ClarkPicture, if you will, the websites that are at the top of your field. The ones that have clawed their way to the top of the search engine results pages, and stay there are usually the ones that feature constantly updated, interesting and provoking content that even you read. It’s easy to imagine that these competitors have some weird advantage, that they’ve somehow trapped Lois Lane and Clark Kent in their offices and are forcing them to churn out article after fascinating article.

Apart from the fact that Lois and Clark are fictional (sorry if we’ve upset any DC fanboys there), this fantasy does have a few obvious flaws. Not many businesses can afford to employ a writing team and, even then, writing teams run out of inspiration. The edge these sites have over their competition is in having an SEO content plan.

A content plan is essential to search engine optimisation. Not many technically-minded people imagine themselves becoming hotshot writers when they embark on their SEO careers, yet all SEO jobs require it. With a content plan, it’s much easier to keep track of where your content is headed. Better yet, content plans help keep content constant. In the times when inspiration runs out the door, a content plan can help you stay on track. It also assists with plotting keywords as you go.

Regular, high-quality content is essential for a solid SEO campaign. Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you when it comes to your SEO content. Unless you have superhero reporters waiting in the wings, have a plan ready for the dry times.

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