Indiana Jones and the Link Building Strategy of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Link Building Strategy of Doom

You may not know it, but your link building efforts will benefit if you begin to act a little like Indiana Jones. Okay, maybe you don’t need the well-weathered fedora, and you can probably leave the whip at home, but imitating old Indy’s tenacity and talent for digging up long-forgotten treasures is definitely a plus.

The reason to imitate the intrepid whip-wielding adventurer of Spielberg‘s famous trilogy (plus one turkey) is that he isn’t above doing the hard work to uncover things. Above all, Indiana Jones is a dedicated archaeologist. That’s exactly what you need to be when looking for links as part of your search engine optimisation.

There are two ways you should dig up secrets when embarking on an adventure in the wild jungles of the Internet:

  1. Digging up potential links. This is the sort of archaeology that most people will already be familiar with. Ferreting out your competitors’ links profiles and investigating their connections is really Link Building 101. Find out who links to your competitors, and then approach them for links.
  2. Digging up the links from your linker. It sounds like a tongue twister, but digging up backlinks for a potential linker can be a valuable enterprise. Investigating the links that lead to the site in question can help you uncover trusted seed sets, resulting in even more valuable links for your profile. Trust tends to trickle down, even when the trusted site is several steps removed. By cutting out the middle site, you’re going straight to the source of the link juice (of course, a link from the middle site helps too).

Unearthing links in this way for your SEO takes work, but it can really pay off. If you have to grab the whip and fedora to get into character, we won’t tell anyone.

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