Huge proportion of shared Instagram videos come from brands, says study

Posted on October 23, 2013


New research has revealed that more than a third of the top videos on Instagram are published by businesses.

According to data compiled by video marketing firm Unruly, more than 80 brands are together responsible for around 40 per cent of the content appearing in its top 1,000 viral videos chart.

It was found that the MTV was the most shared brand on Instagram, as 8.4 per cent of all videos were posted by the US-based television channel. Across Twitter, Facebook and various blogs, its videos attracted more than 134,000 shares.

Unruly’s Phil Townend said:

“New short-form content platforms such as Vine and Instagram are experiencing explosive growth. By engaging consumers in their native environments across today’s complex and fragmented media landscape, and utilizing the Open Web to amplify awareness of their content, brands can maximize the effectiveness of their content marketing strategies to drive sharing and ultimately increase their market share.”

Videos posted on Instagram now account for more tweets than those published on YouTube. The study also found that Facebook sees around 90 per cent of the shares.

Speaking to The Drum, Townend pointed to the important role that Instagram can play in website marketing and increasing brand awareness. He said the social app gives marketers the opportunity to get creative and engage with consumers in their own environments. Townend also suggested that by using media platforms like Instagram, brands can easily respond to new data and evolve with surging trends.

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