How your writing skills could ruin your love life and your business

How your writing skills could ruin your love life and your business

A study carried out by psychologist Zoe Hazelwood, of Queensland University of Technology, has revealed that poor grammatical skills, spelling errors and a generally lacklustre writing style can ruin your chances of finding love on the Internet. Online dating is influenced by the same factors as traditional dating, with nonverbal cues playing a large part in a blossoming romance.

The results of the study proved that potential dating partners were judged on other aspects, other than what was spoken. Poor grammatical skills and spelling errors were typical reasons not to date someone. It was also revealed that people typically make themselves much more interesting, and act more interested than they actually are, in order to secure that all important date.

Creating a website for your business is much the same as online dating, with poor use of grammar and numerous spelling mistakes putting off your website visitors. Why would a potential customer want to spend more time with a business that doesn’t have the ability to write a grammatically correct article, or use spell check. Content outsourcing to a professional writer allows you to relax, safe in the knowledge that all web content will be produced by a writer who has English as their first language, and possesses excellent grammatical skills, able to create fresh and original content regularly.

Clever use of the English language can persuade a visitor to your website to spend more time there, and eventually build trust in your brand, much the same as online dating.

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