How will AI affect the future of SEO?

How will AI affect the future of SEO?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to completely change search engine optimisation (SEO) in everything from the way you optimise a website to link building, but what real impact will this have on search?

AI is continually being improved upon and being made more sophisticated, which means search engine optimisation (SEO) will need to adapt so that websites can continue to improve their performance in search results.

Since Google announced back in 2015 that a new system called RankBrain was going to be released, which is an artificial intelligence system used by Google to rank websites, AI has been a big topic in SEO and many people have looked at how this is going to affect the industry. This became especially important after Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, announced in 2019 that all search queries were now using RankBrain. Therefore, making sure that your content is of value and quality is essential to make sure that you get the most out of search engines, helping you increase sales and leads.

RankBrain is used by Google to determine what results are most relevant to a searcher’s query. This core algorithm uses machine learning to determine the relevance of website content.

AI is already having an impact on SEO in ways that affect content creation, traffic and ranking growth analysis, algorithm analysis, monitoring competition, and SERP (search engine results pages) rankings.

With the improvements in AI, search engine optimisation is sure to be impacted. If more features are released, SEO could become more reliant on using AI to help with a wide range of SEO tasks including keyword research, content creation and analysis, traffic and ranking growth analysis, SEO workflows, and setting strategies that help businesses get even more results by predicting rankings and competitor analysis.

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