How well-written is the content of your website?

How well-written is the content of your website?

Does it really matter whether the words on web pages are beautifully written by SEO copywriters, with careful attention to the details of spelling and grammar? Although many people would say that well-written content is a must, and that employing professional content writers is a wise investment, does it really make much difference as far as website traffic is concerned?

Since the SEO of a site is so important for success, surely tweaking a website for SEO is all that matters, and the content merely needs to ‘keep up’?

In fact, these suppositions are wrong and there is evidence that shows just how important the quality of article writing is for SEO. A number of surveys have been carried out amongst blog readers, examining many different aspects of blogs and asking readers to rate them in terms of how much each factor persuaded them to return regularly and become loyal readers. Unsurprisingly, in every one of these surveys the most important factor of all was found to be the quality of the writing. This came above other aspects such as the writer’s reputation, the chosen topics and even the frequency of posting.

While every factor should ideally be considered when creating web content, it would be foolish to ignore the crucial effect that decent writing has on visitors and their perceptions of a site. If the writing has quality then it raises the perceived standard of the website as a whole, which can only be positive in terms of SEO.

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