How web design affects SEO

How web design affects SEO

Is your web design a bit like a Monet painting? You know, looks great from a distance, but when you get to examine it a little too closely, its different parts begin to blur a little?

Monet’s style works beautifully for creating great art, but when it comes to the search engine optimisation needs of your web design, you really have to aim for something a little more like Rembrandt; precise and clear. A lot of businesses make the mistake of thinking that, as long as their site looks like a work of art, everything will go well.

Monet: Google is not a fan
Monet: Google is not a fan

Not many site owners realise how big an impact web design has on their chances with the search engines. This because it’s not the outward appearance that counts with the search engines, but the inner works; the brush strokes that make up the image. Your site’s code, and its various elements, count a great deal toward your search engine rankings. If these aren’t in line, the search engines will have difficulty reading your site, meaning your chances of getting to the top of the list for those golden chalice keywords are slim.

Web design isn’t something most people would lump in with SEO. Indeed, the vast majority of businesses consult different companies for SEO and design, keeping the two apart. This is a mistake. The appearance of your website is only a small part of its whole, just as the image of a painting is really a representation of many strokes of paint on canvas. For good SEO, be precise with each stroke. Don’t let your design come over like a Monet, as Google really doesn’t like Monet… from an SEO point of view at least.

  • Content is king and you need high quality in bound links with your web design. Those are the two main ingredients you must have for SEO. These are especially important for small business web design.

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