How to write article submissions

How to write article submissions

Article submissions have been around as a form of Internet Marketing for years, with many SEO companies and webmasters using them to boost their search engine rankings. Despite this, many people are still wary of writing article submissions for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re not sure how to write them, don’t know the best sites to submit them too, don’t have the time to submit them or get confused by all of the different rules that each article directory has with regards to submitting articles.

What are article submissions?

The first thing you need to know is what exactly is an article submission and how does it help with SEO? Article submissions are articles, or news pieces, written about your industry or products. They are a form of press releases, but are usually more neutral in tone so that people would want to read them, rather than being advertorials. Just like writing content on your own website, article submissions are usually based around certain keywords, keywords relevant to your website, and are optimised for these words.

Once the article submission has been written it is submitted to any number of thousands of article submission directories. Finding the right directories is a time consuming job and one that can be an exercise in frustration. Some directories have very specific rules with regards to word counts, the keyword density of the articles, whether you can place links within the articles and even where you can place the links.

Learning which article directories are worth the time and which aren’t could take you a long time.

Why do article submissions work?

Naturally, because you’re submitting your articles to numerous directories you’ll be creating duplicate content. This isn’t a problem though because your website won’t feature the content itself. Article submissions are just for submitting to directories, not for adding to your own site. When you add them, you get to add links back to your site; sometimes in the author profile as a URL, sometimes by anchoring a keyword and sometimes in the article itself.

This in turn ranks for searches on those keywords and boosts the ranking of your website because of the links.

Not everyone has time to write articles for submission or to seek out the best article submission websites and then to submit them, which can be very time consuming. However, article submissions can be an excellent way of giving your website the edge over your competitors in the SERPs, which is what SEO is all about.

  • Article submissions are not the hard part, I think that actually having to sit and write the article poses more the problem. I do admit with so many places you can submit articles to you have to find the right place and right amount to submit to. But you have pointed out some important things about article submission and why it is good to do. If you want to get people to your website it is a great way. Thanks for the tip.

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