How to tap into the content zeitgeist

How to tap into the content zeitgeist

Wouldn’t it be great if your site could get as much attention as Perez Hilton’s blog? For most businesses, the leap is an insurmountable one. You may not be able to jump from ‘general Cheshire business website’ to ‘Perez Hilton’, but there is a way that you can get in on at least some of the action.

Smart businesses have been tapping into the internet zeitgeist for some time now. This approach connects business content to popular topics, many of which are usually celebrity-related. In finding ways to talk about points of interest or celebrities whilst remaining relevant to their own industry, businesses are managing to weave valuable keywords into their content, and provide a quirky point of interest for readers.

When your search engine optimisation content plan is strictly professional, it will seem strange to tap into these particular trends. While it’s fair enough to say that a professional service provider wouldn’t be that interested in traffic seeking celebrity news, though, ranking for such popular topics can help boost the rest of your rankings. All it takes is a few quirky stories on your business blog.

Where to go to be in the know

There are a few options for places to look. Google Trends is a handy tool, but at the moment its most useful section, Hot Searches, features only US results. Hot Topics, which is for the UK, focuses on what users are discussing in social media, rather than searching for yet both can be valuable resources.

Aiming for the stars with SEO can pay off big.

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