How to make a complete hash of your SEO

How to make a complete hash of your SEO

It is that time of the year again, as we rush headlong into Christmas and the New Year, that “top lists of the year” do the rounds. Always interesting and a great way to put off that work that the boss is chasing of course, the top Twitter hashtags of 2011 have been announced.

Topping the list this year is #egypt, marking the January uprising in the country. The catalyst for what has become known as the “Arab Spring”.

Helping this to the top of the list was how eager the media tweets were to include it; ensuring their feeds were read. It is surprising though that other countries have not appeared in the top ten – particularly the fact that #Libya did not make it.

In at number two is #tigerblood. Coming on the back of Charlie Sheen’s rather colourful episodes this year, this was huge in the States and soon went global.

This entry highlights what Twitter is most famous for; namely mindless celebrity gossip, though it was the only entry of its kind in the top ten.

At number three was #threewordstoliveby. Showing that Twitter also has a philosophical side, such hashtags do appear regularly, most often originating where it is late at night – not a great surprise perhaps.

Monitoring what was popular is certainly interesting and wastes a little time, but the power of hashtags is something that SEO strategists would do well to understand.

Writing relevant and pithy comments, tagged with a popular hashtag, can increase followings on Twitter and in turn, lead to greater traffic hitting a company’s main site.

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