How to create a landing page report in GA4

How to create a landing page report in GA4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the new version of the tool, will become the default platform in July next year, with Universal Analytics (UA) – the current version available – being retired.

However, one key section of Google Analytics that is missing from the new version is the landing page report. If you’re missing it, don’t worry – it can easily be created and added to the menu within GA4. Here’s how:

First, open up the GA4 platform and then go to the ‘Reports’ section in the left-hand sidebar.

Then go to ‘Engagement’ (under ‘Life cycle’ in the sidebar on the left) and then click on ‘Pages and Screens’

Once the ‘Pages and Screens’ section loads, click the ‘Edit’ (pencil) icon in the top right

Then click ‘Dimensions’ on the right-hand side

Select ‘Add dimension’ and look for the ‘Landing page’ option in the dropdown, then click this.

Move this to the top of the list, click the three dots and select ‘Set as default’, then click the ‘Apply’ button.

Click the eye next to the ‘Scatter chart’ option under ‘Charts’.

Then, the report is ready to be saved. Click the ‘Save’ button and then make sure you click ‘Save as a new report’.

You need to enter a report name. I’d call the report ‘Landing Pages’.

Once you have saved it, go back to the ‘Reports’ section of GA4 and then click ‘Library’.

Then click ‘Edit collection’ in the ‘Life cycle’ box.

You need to find the ‘Landing Pages’ report you’ve just saved under the ‘Detail reports’ section

Drag this under the ‘Pages and screens’ section under ‘Engagement’.

Finally, click ‘Save’ and then you have the landing page report saved within your Google Analytics.

This report will enable you to easily see the landing pages for your website, helping you monitor which content is performing best and is most popular among visitors to your site.

  • Thanks Jonathan for sharing the ‘How to create a landing page report in GA4’.
    I haven’t quite got it right yet but will keep playing with the system, as it is good to get the reports which GA4 produces.

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