How to avoid rejection by article directories

How to avoid rejection by article directories

Submitting your content to article directories is an excellent way to build your brand and create links for your website. The article directories have strict guidelines which have to be adhered to if you want to be published. An article or news story that is unique can be submitted to article directories and act as the link back to your site. Links in your article are sometimes permitted in the body of the article and sometimes only in the resource box. If you add links in the wrong place, your article will be rejected.

Creating the content on a regular basis is time consuming, not to mention the article submission, which is a lengthy exercise if done manually. Many article directories will reject your articles for a variety of reasons including spelling and grammatical errors, not having the minimum word count and incorrect formatting of your article. Reading the guidelines thoroughly before submission of your article will help to minimise rejection, but you will require an excellent grasp of the English language and have to know where to place your punctuation to be accepted.

Articles should be informative and engaging, and any that are not will have a slim chance of acceptance. If you employ a freelance writer, preferring to write the content yourself, ask someone who has extensive knowledge of grammar and spelling to check your work before submission. Outsourcing to a company with an article submission service as well as professional content writers will ensure that you have fresh content which is grammatically correct and in the correct format, submitted on a regular basis.

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