How to avoid making a social media faux pas at work

    Posted on November 27, 2014


    With the Internet becoming more and more imbedded within our working lives, the opportunities to make mistakes online are increasing.

    While social media and other web platforms are great for reaching out to customers and service users, as well as fellow staff, care should be taken, especially as some people in the past have ended up losing their job over a web-based faux pas. To help, here are some of the common mistakes to avoid:

    Writing something inappropriate

    Even if this one may seem simple, many workers have already fallen into the trap of posting inappropriate comments on social media accounts. While professional news writing services can be used for business accounts, it is also important to remember that voicing opinions on personal profiles, especially about clients, colleagues or the company, can land you in hot water.

    Releasing confidential information

    In the process of sharing posts about your goings on, it is vital that you don’t also disclose any information that you shouldn’t. However, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between what seems like an everyday task to you and confidential information to your bosses, so if in doubt, it may be best to miss it out.

    Overstepping the mark

    Sometimes it can be quite easy to just go too far online. Whether it is responding to criticism from a follower or in trying to increase your reach, often a post can step out of the boundaries of the brand’s values. To combat this, train any staff in social media if they ask for it and initiate a robust online policy.

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