How to avoid getting sued when writing content

How to avoid getting sued when writing content

Writing contentious content is one of the best ways of creating link bait and attracting loads of quality links to your website, but it also carries the risk of being sued. If you write something that is offensive, damaging or potentially libellous in the name of writing quality content you’re running a risk with your content.

This is especially true if you’re writing about companies or individuals, so you should always be careful about what you write. When covering stories such as this, you should always remember not to write in absolutes, such as using the word ‘allegedly’ before you state a ‘fact’. When writing something that is your opinion and isn’t backed up by evidence, state that it’s your opinion. It’s important that you don’t try to mislead people by writing something as fact when it is not.

Newspaper’s get sued all of the time for stories that they have written, and they have liability insurance to cover what they print. Chances are you don’t, so be careful with what you write on your website, even if it is just to attract links.

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