How to avoid duplicate content when using quotes

How to avoid duplicate content when using quotes

When writing content for your website it’s important not to copy content from other sources. This is vital because if your site contains duplicate content Google could perceive it as a blatant attempt to cheat the rankings and ban your site from the index.

That wouldn’t be good for your search traffic!

However, when you’re writing news content you’ll often come across quotes from people that are important for the news item. Are these considered duplicate if you use them in your articles?

If you just copy them in then yes, they would be. You need to be careful how you add them. You should block quote any quotes from other sources using the block quote HTML tag, which can be easily used in WordPress by pressing the Quote button.

<blockquote>Your quote would go between these tags.</blockquote>

It’s also advisable to link to the website where the quote is from. This will ensure that Google knows you’re not trying to duplicate content but are merely reporting a news item, which Google likes to see.

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