How to achieve front page Google listings with Universal Search

How to achieve front page Google listings with Universal Search

We’ve written in the past about how you can use Google’s Universal search effectively to gain front page listings on Google for very competitive keywords. This last week we achieved just that when Stuckon.co.uk ranked #1 in Google using Universal search, via Google News.

Ranking #4 in Google.co.uk

We wrote a news story about an SEO myth or reality, and within twenty minutes the post had been indexed and we ranking on the first page of Google.co.uk for a search on SEO. This front page ranking then moved from position #4, to position #1 within ten minutes, gaining Stuckon.co.uk huge amounts of traffic for a highly competitive keyword.

Of course, the front page listing was fleeting and had retired to the Google News section after a few hours, but the links garnered from having the front page listing for ‘SEO’ and the traffic received made the brief spell in the spotlight more than worthwhile.

By capitalising on Google’s Universal Search you can achieve rankings that would otherwise be out of your reach, and the more you achieve them, the more traffic you receive, the more links you build naturally, the higher your organic rankings for those phrases will become.

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