How SEO is like the Nile

How SEO is like the Nile

denialDe Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt. It’s also on your web pages.

No, I’m not just referring to that joke which was crafted around the time Da Vinci was first sketching helicopters. I’m talking about the actual Nile.

The Nile river, long connected with Egypt but providing life-giving water throughout several countries, is far from a simple river. Running through deserts and lush plains, with several tributaries, the Nile is the source of so much life, partly because of its complexity. If the river flowed straight from point A to point B, it would have no chance to evaporate and condense, gather minerals and vegetable matter, meander and generally develop the characteristics which make it unique.

The flow of information on your pages for SEO is much like a flow of water. Information is presented on your pages, waiting to attract attention as your site users scan down the page. Aspects of your page can hold attention, while other aspects can hold attention for too long, stopping the flow. Other areas of your page might allow the reader to flow by too swiftly to get your message across successfully.

A part of the SEO work done on your site should include the analysis of the flow of information. This doesn’t have to be complex, just a simple examination of how easily pages can be read. Including this in your search engine optimisation can keep readers on your pages for longer, boosting your position within the search engines.

Don’t live in de Nile of information flow. Analyse your pages.

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