How SEO can aid your offline promotion

How SEO can aid your offline promotion

Radio ExposureLast week we wrote about how one of our clients participated in a local Liverpool radio show following the show’s researchers finding their website in Google and approaching them direct. This meant that our client’s website was talked about on the radio, during a very relevant radio talk show, for around 10 minutes in the sort of coverage that would have cost a lost of money had it been paid for – all because of the power of SEO.

This shows that search engine optimisation isn’t just about getting your website to rank higher in Google for specific keywords in order to gain more traffic and customers.

Instead, SEO can aid your efforts to gain more offline promotion because the Internet is used by many people, including radio shows, TV researchers and journalists, to research their latest stories and programs. When they look for information, leads for stories and for experts to consult, they’ll enter keywords related to your industry into Google. If your website ranks near the top of Google for these keywords, then your website will be the one they find – increasing the chances of them contacting you for the story.

This could lead to your brand being exposed on the radio, on television, in magazines or in newspapers – gaining you the kind of exposure that money can’t buy.

Of course, in a sort of perpetual motion (if such a thing were possible) the example of online SEO aiding your offline promotion can then re-aid your online SEO as news agencies pick up on the story of how SEO has aided your offline promotion.

How many times can the wheels go round?

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