How much of our lives do we spend online?

How much of our lives do we spend online?

A global study from NordVPN has revealed the proportion of our lives we spend browsing and using the internet, and even though the UK is in the bottom half of the countries studied, the results are staggering.

The average Brit spends 58 hours and 45 minutes online every week, adding up to around two and a half days. This means just over 22 years of our lives are spent on the internet.

On a weekly basis, the UK spends the fourth-highest amount of time on the internet, but a slightly lower life expectancy than much of Europe and English-speaking countries like Australia and Canada means only three countries studied (the US, the Netherlands and Japan) spend less time on the web during a lifetime.

By far the biggest internet addicts, according to the study, are Brazilians, who will spend an astounding 41 years and 3 months online. Korea and Taiwan are in second and third respectively, with both hovering around the 34-year mark. These three nations also top the table for weekly usage.

Despite this, the UK does appear to be the country that finds it hardest to avoid using the internet. Over half (54%) of Brits say they couldn’t go a day without it, higher than any other nation. Interestingly, only 36% of Brazilians made the same claim, despite the country’s astronomical browsing time.

Since the survey was carried out by a company concerned with internet privacy and data security, the report includes a note of caution for UK internet users that 34% of us are making our bank details available online, which is the highest percentage of the countries studied.

With Brazil and bottom-of-the-table Japan being anomalies, the results broadly suggest most of the developed world is spending about a third of a lifetime on the web, which should be a clear indication of the potential of online marketing to businesses. Speak to Engage Web if you’d like to find out how to make yourself seen among your target audience, and how to reach them where they are online.

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