How much content do you really need?

How much content do you really need?

I personally have a great line that both scares and introduces the importance of content to clients:

“You need double that of the competitor you want to beat in the search engine rankings”.

Scary stuff eh? Well, no, its very possible in 99% of cases, but more importantly the client is now in what I call ‘content mode’ – a point at which they cannot go back from. Already, the client has benefited from Stuck On at this point. Knowing that constant, fresh, relevant content is integral to the success of their site is the first obstacle to success overcome.

The way in which we write our articles means that you don’t need to actually double the content of your competitor. Because they are wordy and full of relevant terms, with contextual links to important parts of your site, results seem to happen very quickly.

By results, I mean several things including traffic, search engine ranking increases, more sales, more inbound links and more.

So going back to the original question. How much content do you really need?

You really need content every day, so that Google sees you as providing a constant stream of new information for its visitors. And of course, this is what Stuck On does best.

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