How many sites in your industry have a web strategy?

Posted on June 10, 2008


Having a web strategy seems very much for the few when it comes to each industry.

The more competitive industries do tend to have more sites that think things through, but generally, it seems, on experience, that the same percentage of sites in various industries have a long-term, solid plan.

The rest?  Well, mainly they just muddle along.

So what does this mean for you as the person in control of your company online?

Well, for a start, you are only up against a particular number of serious competitors that have the same plans as you.  Narrowing the field down to this group of sites and it suddenly becomes a more clear path for you in your quest for success – and a pay rise.

Now you have this list, you can easily record the strong features that each of this elite group of sites have.  One way to do this is to make a table of features that lists each site and the things that they do well.  Do they have a strong content base, lots of links, some really useful tools and so on.

And then, do EVERYTHING on that table.  Every good thing about each of the sites you must to for your own site.  It works for the others right, but they are only doing some of these.  Site A may have 3 good features, but site B may have 2, with one of these not on site A.  So thats 4 good features to have for your own site, whether it be on-site or off-site.

Using this method of competition research and then acting upon it is something that I have done for a number of years for my clients and it has great results every time.

So, to answer the question in the title of this article – how many sites in your industry have a web strategy (of note) – its usually about 5-9%.  So narrow those sites down, see what they do – and act upon it.  In a short period of time, it will be you that they are trying to emulate.

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