How many keywords are too many?

Posted on August 3, 2009


Following on from our post about keyword density, it seems that still many SEOs are focussing on some ‘magic number’ for adding keywords into articles based on an ill conceived notion that the more keywords you add, the closer to a magic keyword density percentage value you get, the better your rankings will be.

This is nonsense and it results in poor quality copy that reads badly to the human eye, and doesn’t work particularly well for SEO either. You should never get hung up on keywords and try to fit in as many as you can into an article, especially if your keywords are longtail because the more you add to an article, the more obvious your inclusion of the keywords will become.

Keep your articles natural and enter your keywords only when they are required, not as many times as you can. If your keywords are about a specific industry then use other words associated with that industry, words relating to your keywords. Use plurals and singulars where necessary and don’t edit your text to fit in a singular or plural just because that’s the keyword you’re targeting.

Keep it natural and your rankings will also come naturally.

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