How links can HARM your website

How links can HARM your website

SEO companies have bought links for their clients for years, with varying degrees of success. Google has often spoken out against the practice of buying links, and tries to clamp down wherever it can against sites that sell links, yet the practice continues because on the whole it works.

The notion is that websites need links to rank well, buying links is a quick way to get links, which in turn helps your website to rank.

This is something of a contentious statement, and one that could be argued for and against for many hours. Whether you agree with it or not, what can’t be argued against is that some links, and some links suppliers, do more harm than good to your website. Indeed, with many links you could be seriously hindering your website’s performance, and not even realise it.

If you’re wondering why your website isn’t ranking well within Google, check out the links your website has picked up. Use the Yahoo site explorer and look at the websites linking to your site. Are they poor quality websites ranked in other countries? Are they irrelevant to your website? Do the websites have dozens or even hundreds of links on every page?

If the answer to this is yes, you could have just found why your website isn’t ranking.

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