How KISS saved the internet

How KISS saved the internet

Gene SimmonsGlam-rock group KISS wouldn’t seem to have a lot to do with search engine optimisation. I have to admit, when I’m working diligently on a site’s optimisation, KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons does frequently come to mind, but that probably has more to do with my iPod song list than the solid connection glam rock has with the world of search engine optimisation.

There is, however, a very real and definable connection.

No, it’s not that SEO pros tend to run around in elaborate costumes at conferences (wipe that mental image). Nor is it the fact that many of the successes of the industry tend to act like superstars. It’s more to do with acronyms.

Keep It Simple, Stupid‘ is an old stand-by of marketers and copywriters, both on and offline. It works well for search engine optimisation because too much SEO is definitely a bad thing. It’s a good piece of advice for those early on in their SEO careers, when SEO tends to be applied with an especially heavy hand.

How does it save the Internet? Keeping SEO on a short leash is a good thing for the net in general. We’ve all seen the effects when KISS hasn’t come into play; sites composed almost entirely of keywords, which look horrible and read even worse. Search engines, in punishing sites that ignore KISS, actually improve the tone of the net.

Okay, so glam rock had very little to do with saving the Internet. But you can never know what Gene Simmons really does with his spare time.

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