How important is backing up your website?

Posted on September 8, 2009


You’ve spent years developing your website, perfecting it. You’ve written on it every day and you’ve managed to get some great rankings in the SERPs through the use of regular content and SEO. Congratulations, but when was the last time you backup up your website?

Not just your files, but your database and your content?

This isn’t something everyone considers because they don’t expect to come into work only to find that their website has disappeared, or their database has been hacked or has crashed. It does happen though, and keeping regular backups of your website and your database is essential for the smooth running of your site, and for maintaining your search engine rankings.

Yes, backing up your website is important for SEO too. Imagine that you have thousands of pages on your website and one day your database crashes. You’ve lost all of your website’s content over night. You’ve not just lost all of your content, content that took you countless hours to craft, you’ve also lost all of the pages that had been created by that content. Each article you’d written and uploaded created a page that had been indexed by Google, this page was ranked within Google’s SERPs for relevant phrases and contributed to the size of your website.

With your database gone, all of your pages would also have vanished, and thus all of your indexed pages within Google. Your website would have gone from being a large website, to a comparatively small one, almost instantly… all because you hadn’t backed up your data.

It’s so easy to do as well, there’s no reason to take this risk. You can even use a WordPress plugin to take daily backups of your database and email them to you for safe keeping, so any crash or hack would have minimal effect on your website.

Don’t take chances with your website and its rankings, back up now and back up often.

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