How fit is your website?

How fit is your website?

Treadmill WomanGyms are evil places. In these places, people plod miserably along never-ending treadmills that go nowhere, and row invisible boats that are stuck to the ground, and are chained to heavy weights that, no matter how hard they try, drag them back again and again. It’s eerily close to the old ideas of Hell, and it kind of smells like it too.

I’ve rediscovered this recently because, strangely enough, I need to go to the gym. Why am I going to such a place? Because I know that if I don’t, I’ll turn into a miserable little puddle of flab. It’s much the same reason that anyone ever does boring or annoying things on a regular basis. It’s also why you should be performing regular and thorough SEO on your website.

After the excitement of your initial search engine optimisation is over, and you’ve experienced some successful results, it’s difficult to keep going. A lot of the tasks you need to perform to maintain your SEO are time-consuming, finicky and boring; checking on statistics, fixing code, updating Sitemaps… the list goes on. Even the more human aspects, like creating content and keeping up with a social media campaign, can be irksome if you’re also trying to run your own business. You still need to do them however.

Your website, like your body, needs regular attention if it’s going to stay healthy. Maintenance is one of those SEO jobs that you just have to grit your teeth and get on and do.

P.S. Not everyone dislikes the gym as much as I do. They’re probably healthier, more well-balanced folk. I hate them.

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