How fast can my content be picked up by Google?

How fast can my content be picked up by Google?

We all know that writing content for your website is about creating content that can be indexed by search engines, like Google, and then used to rank your website in search results. The more content you add, with the more interesting page titles, the more phrases you’ll rank for, and thus the more traffic you’ll receive.

However, SEO is a long term strategy that can take months, sometimes years to achieve results, yes?


Without trying to sound like a sales letter or a preacher at an unsavoury US church, Google can index your new content and list within its pages in just a few minutes, as opposed to a few days, weeks or months. That means that you react to the latest developments within your industry and be ranking in Google for ‘hot searches’ in a matter of minutes.

We’ve seen articles ranking on the first page of Google in under ten minutes, so it’s well worth you writing content for your website on a daily basis, and adding it as early as possible in the day to catch the daily traffic.

If your industry has a new development or announcement, your website should be writing about it immediately, then you’ll get the traffic from people looking for that news.

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