How emails can affect your business

    Posted on March 27, 2011


    As reliance upon email increases in the world of business, perhaps it’s time for business owners to consider the effect of an email which contains spelling errors and poor grammar, on a company’s image. Dr Monica Seeley, an expert on email management, carried out a survey to discover just how the presentation of your emails could affect your business.

    The participants of the survey were unanimous in their opinions of poor spelling and grammar, with everyone agreeing that this gives an unprofessional image. The greeting and sign-off also appear to matter, as 63 percent consider no greeting to be unacceptable. The use of informal sign-offs such as ‘cheers’ or using a smiley face is also considered to be unprofessional. As email is a low cost form of communication, it is used frequently by companies to communicate with colleagues and customers. The results of the survey suggest that the quality of your communication does have an impact upon your business, just as your website creates an image.

    Content outsourcing is the only way to ensure that all content is original, with the correct use of English grammar. Content which is placed on your website, or used elsewhere to create interest in your products or services, should always be easy to read, which means words have to be spelt correctly. Many words in the English language have dual meanings depending upon the spelling. You can easily create the wrong impression by misspelling words. A professional writer will provide content which creates the image that you are looking for.

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