How did we survive before Google?

How did we survive before Google?

This may seem like something of a pointless question, as in there are other inventions throughout the course of time that have made our lives far more liveable than Google, but think about it for a second. With Google, we need never live in ignorance or wonder why ever again.

How many times have you found yourself in the office at work wondering where to go for lunch, or what film to see at the cinema, or who that guy was in that film you saw last night? How many times have you asked someone else in the office ‘how do you spell…’ or ‘what does this word mean’?

Never again do these questions need to be asked, and you no longer have to take someone else’s often misinformed opinion about something at face value.

For example, let’s say you’re sat in the office here at StuckOn and you want to go for lunch – why not ask Google? Simply entering ‘restaurants CH65 9BF’ into Google Maps gives you the answer!

Or how about that film last night? Just who was that guy who starred in ‘Walking Tall’? Simple, ask Google. You don’t have to enter a question, simply putting ‘Walking Tall’ into Google will give you the info you need.

Never wonder why again, and never ask those dumb questions that Google can answer in seconds.

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