How content mistakes can damage your brand

How content mistakes can damage your brand

When you’re writing any form of content that is charged with representing your brand, your company or even yourself, you need to make sure that it is accurate and devoid of mistakes. Even the simplest of errors can reflect badly on your company name, your own personal name or the product that you are trying to promote. This is important if you’re writing web copy for a new website, slogans for a poster campaign, a newsletter or even a post on Twitter or Facebook. If your post is supposed to be official, to promote something, errors can leave you red faced.

For example, the following post was written on the official Facebook page for the upcoming Sylvester Stallone film ‘The Expendables’. The post was quite funny, and suggested that men should go and see the film when it comes out because it will make them feel more manly – however, the author of the post made one small, yet very common, content mistake.

This mistake is so small and common in fact that they probably would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for someone pointing it out.

Which wasn’t us, before you ask.

The fact that the mistake was pointed out shows that the content being posted on the official Expendable Facebook page isn’t being carefully checked and edited for spelling and grammar, and the comment from Mr Jusovic makes everyone who reads the comment aware of the mistake.

When you write content to promote your business, wherever it is intended to be published, you need to ensure that it doesn’t reflect badly on your company image. Even a post on Facebook should be checked if it is to represent your brand.

In the interests of levelling things up however, here is the trailer for The Expendables.


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