How can I write better content for my website?

Posted on October 21, 2009


Writing good quality content for your website isn’t just about writing down information about your products, your services and your business as a whole. If you simply spell out what your company is about and what your company can offer, nobody will want to read it. Internet users don’t spend their time surfing the web looking for marketing material to read, they look for content that is entertaining, informative, witty and irreverent.

Whatever your business or industry, you’re able to inject some personality into your content in order to make it more appealing to readers. Think about what makes you laugh about your industry; it could be something that you’ve done, your employees have done or even something that your competitors have done. Try to explain how this is funny in your content, as witty content will always attract links from other websites which, as we all know, is very good for your SEO.

Another way of writing better content is to think about what people are searching for to find your website. Often people will put questions into Google, such as ‘how can I write better content for my website’; by answering these questions in your posts, you’ll attract visitors looking for this information, which in turn will generate more leads, sales and enquires for your business.

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