How can I get people to comment on my posts?

How can I get people to comment on my posts?

One of the best things about writing blogs on your website is that readers can comment on the posts, giving you more content for your website. The more comments you have for each post, the more content you have on the page to be indexed by Google.

Also, the more often comments are added, the more your page is refreshed and updated, which means that Google has a reason to return, index it more regularly, and keep coming back to your website.

Comments are great free content for your website, and you’ll even find that you’re getting search engine traffic based on the content of your comments.

But what if nobody is commenting on your posts? You need to make sure that your posts receive comments to make the most out of the content you’re getting. Here are some considerations to writing blog posts that get more comments.

1. Ask your readers what they think
Your readers may not realise that they can comment, or know that you want their comments. A way to ensure that they comment is to ask for their opinion at the end of the article. If you finish a post with something along the lines of ‘what do you think of this story?’ you’re more likely to receive a comment than if you have a closed conclusion.

2. Write about something topical
Nothing breeds discussion like something in the news, and if that something is relevant to your industry you can illicit discussion on your website by writing about it. For example, does swine flu affect your industry? If so, writing a post about it will ensure you’ll get people reading it with interest.

3. Ask questions in the post title
If you ask a question, you’re more likely to get an answer, plus you’re more likely to get people finding your website who are asking the very same question. If you’re reading this post now, it’s probably because you wanted to know how to get more comments on your blog… now you have some ideas!

These are just a few ideas to ensure you get more comments on your posts; maybe you have a few more you know of?

See what we did there 😉

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